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Mildly surprised at all the > $1000 watches worn here. Contrary to popular belief the typical BMW owner is squarely (upper) middle class, although there are some notable exceptions. For example, the second most commonly driven car by pentamillionaires (not including primary residence) is actually the 328i - purchased outright (not leased). The most commonly driven car overall is the Mercedes E class, and the top 10 list of cars driven by pentamillionaires includes the likes of the humble Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, but that's for another discussion.

The only BMWs on the top 10 list of cars driven by pentaillionaires are the 328i at #2 and the BMW X5 at #9 or #10. Audi isn't represented at all. The Mercedes E class holds the #1 spot, although the Mercedes S class isn't among the top 10.

That's not to say that multi-millionaires don't like fancy watches. Some of them do, and the most common $1000+ watch among pentamillionaires is the Rolex. But something like 94% of pentamillionaires wear a watch that costs < $500.

Personally I wear a humble $200 Seiko. It looks something like this -

Neither are the exact model (I just searched seiko chronograph 100) but it looks very similar. All of these watches are around $200.

Edit: Well, I took a quick snapshot of my particular model with my iphone. As you can see it's pretty similar. The background of my watch is dark blue as opposed to black -

Double edit: If anyone wants to know more about those fascinating pentamillionaire facts, I got them from the latest book by Thomas Stanley called "The Millionaire Mind" Great source for statistics on the spending habits of the wealthy.