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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
My guess would be that one of the curbs had some sharp inside edges, maybe with a deep dip in the dirt on the inside, so when the cars cut the corner too far, the inside edges of the tires all got cut by the curbing.

Awesome drive by Weber and Hamilton, and Massa as well, with what they were all given.
There are reports that the kerb on the inside of turn 4 was sharp... Alonso points out that they've been racing there for years without a problem with the kerbs. From delaminations at Bahrain to 6 tire failures at Silverstone (4 left rears, 1 left front and 1 right rear) not to mention innumerable near misses (Rosberg and Vettel were very close to tire failures when their rears were examined) it paints a pretty damning picture for Pirelli.

It's bad enough that the drivers are in "tire management" mode... now they can't use the kerbs for fear of damaging the tire?

In a way, the teams do have themselves to blame, Pirelli did want to move to Kevlar reinforced tires (moving away from the steel used currently), but the teams did not unanimously consent to it. Wonder if that will change after Germany.
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