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Originally Posted by RMB View Post
Congrats on the Cayman. I feel that you made the right choice. Porsche fit and finish is second to none and they do truly make an excellent sports car. I like the RS5, but it is heavy and didn't feel as connected as the M3. Sure, you can mash the gas peddle and let Quattro push you through corners (I had an S4 and liked it very much and I also drove the RS5 on a race track) but new vehicles and new benchmarks are coming out in the next year or so. The RS5 represents the current in capabilities, not the future.
Thank you sir! Loving the new car..imo handling is on another level

Originally Posted by gblansten View Post
Big congrats. Hope to be in your camp next year when my M3 lease is up.
thank you! let me know if you have any questions, i think i'll have a good opinion by then

Originally Posted by ranger22 View Post
Congrats on the new ride! Let's hit up ECR or MSR and see how your 'S' matches up against my 'R'

Its such a natural progression from an M3 to a Porsche. They just feel a tad sharper on all accounts.
thanks! i would love to go to ecr/msr sometime! i think that i could learn a lot from you

Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
Agree. I'd say more than a tad, but I digress

Congrats op, best of luck with the cayman!
thank you! absolutely loved my M3 but the fit and finish on this car is amazing!

Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Thanks!! Hope you're loving your 991S!

Originally Posted by ridin135 View Post
Can't wait to hear, about to make the same switch just trying to decide between the boxster & cayman.
I will definitely post a review soon. imo, depends on what you like. i would love to have a convertible but i am not a fan of the soft top
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