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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Can someone tell me why Bridgestones are so heavy? Doesn't the company care about all that extra weight relative to their competition?
look at any racing tire or extreme summer tire like ad08, re11, or rs3. they are all heavy. this is because the tire is stiffer and heavier to have better sidewall support under heavy cornering.

lightweight tires are fine and good, but there is a compromise and that is sidewall stiffness and stability under extreme loads and conditions, like on a track.

the extra weight isn't noticeable at all imo and the extra grip and steering feel is well worth it.

I ran re11 on my last M car for track and street and run re11 on my 997. both cars came with Michelin pilot and I tracked once on them in each car. the re11 is far superior. the pss is a very good street tire, but not made for the track at all.

For street tires, I prefer s04 over PSS since I think the steering feel is better and they are much less expensive.

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