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Originally Posted by tim944s View Post
Having recently purchase a set of S04's myself, are these a directional tire or asymmetrical? They are advertised as asymmetrical, so does this mean it does not matter that the apparent arrow on the sidewall is in opposite directions on each side of the car and that the tread pattern is also reversed? I am confused.

Thanks in advance for any help.
It looks like they are asymmetric and nondirectional, so there is an outside and an inside portion of the tread pattern, but it doesn't matter which direction the tires run. So when looking at the car from behind, the tread pattern on the left and right rear tires will look identical, instead of being mirror images of each other.

It does seem counterintuitive that a tire with diagonal tread block sections could run either direction, but apparently it works. This is the same situation with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 and Super Sport, the Pirelli PZero, the Bridgestone RE11, and other performance tires.
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