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Originally Posted by francisyang View Post
Hi Guys,
For people who are familair with Thunderhill, I want to know what my lap time target should be.

I had around 10 track days some far, 3 in the stock 2012 M3 (7 in 350z), 5 at Thunderhill. I went to the BWMCCA driving school at Thunderhill last weekend, and it was a great event, I learned a lot. I was in group C and my best lap time was around 2'19.

Please let me know what you think the lap time of stock 2012 M3 should be with intermediate level driver. So that I have a target in mind

I had the same issue recently at Thunderhill. I could not get my track time under 2:20 in the stock E90 M3. The car should be capable of sub-2 minute lap times.

I am thinking I should disable traction control (no "M" button on mine -- just DSC on/off). Anyone have thoughts on this? I have 5 track days total, 3 at Thunderhill and 2 at Laguna Seca, all with traction control on.

My biggest specific complaint is on turns 11-12-13, specifically turn 12, when you drive over the rough, corrugated pavement on the right side of the track to straighten out those turns, the traction control essentially prevents any acceleration until you are on the smooth part of the track approaching turn 13 and the back straightaway. I think that alone is costing me a couple of seconds at least.