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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
So you're saying the RS5 is an understeering pig? If that's so (and I admit I have never really beat on one), why is the RS5 typically faster than an M3 on track. Other than at launch, it's not quicker than the M in a straight line, so it's got to be quicker in the twisties, which I've demonstrated via the site, plus the video someone posted within these pages.

Make your point, please.

I was disagreeing with your post where you say weight distribution is immaterial. I thought that was clear.

Weight distribution definitely matters....there's a huge difference between 40/60 rear biased weight distribution and the 60/40 front bias of the RS5. To say that weight distribution does not matter by comparing a porsche to a RS5 does not make sense.