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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
I downloaded the 2013 file in January and finally got around to doing the update the other day. Took about 1 hour of drive time. I turned the car off twice during the update and it continued once I started the car again with no problems.
Pretty much the same for me. It took about 1 hour to load the maps from the USB. I connected my charger to the car and just left it in accessory mode. If I sat in the car and played with the menu, the car stayed active. But if I left the car and went inside, it would shut down after about 5 minutes. But no problem, as when you put it back into accessory mode, it boots up the install again after about 10 seconds, and carries on where it left off. I let it shut down 3 times without issue. But it does take about 10 or even 20 seconds to restart the install. Just don't panic. Give it PLENTY of time to see the USB stick and restart the install.

It also took about 5 minutes after the install was done for the version info to show up on the options/info screen. But it now shows 2013-1A maps installed!
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