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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Nice scoop south, 100% consistent with my post from way back in July here.

So with either Cup+ OR M-DCT breaking 8 is looking quite feasible. Again consistent with my absolute statement that with both options it will definitely break the magic 8 barrier.

I think with as close as they are getting to 8 without either option someone will be pushing REALLY, REALLY hard to break the 8 minute barrier.

brandonlowe: If I was considering cars in the price range of the black I may still have the new M3 on my list. However, the Black WOULD NOT be on my list! Just my preferences.
Seems like you were absolutely right! Fortunately I didn't bet against your prediction.

+1 referring your comment about the Black Series. For that price a P car would be preferred here...(additional to the M3 of course)

Best regards, south