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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
Totally disagree. The 128, even with the sport package has horrible handling. Major understeer. No LSD. The turn you describe is just not there. It's practially impossible to induce any sort of oversteer even though it is a RWD. If you had said 1M or even 135i which has a stiffer suspension than the 128, I could see your point, but really Bruce, seems like you're just baiting now.
I have my stated opinion, which you consider asinine. You have your stated opinion, which I consider asinine. Draw.

But now I'm baiting the faithful because I prefer another BMW to the M3? Just another example of the thin-skinned folks populating this forum who judge themselves by the car they drive.

By the way, Road & Track recently said the 135is they recently tested is their favorite bimmer at the moment, and I could almost agree with them because the siren song of power calls us all, but you can feel the extra weight over the front end in that car compared to the 128.