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Originally Posted by JJ_01 View Post
This is clear and logical, but I was referring more to starts from stand still. So he was not talking about that???
No, use launch control for races from a standstill.

Originally Posted by m33 View Post

- never punch your car from a dead stop !! This will cause a semi launch and not to mention it will cause a glaze spot in all your odd gears!
Who ever has done this will notice that every time you shift into 3rd 5th and 7th you will get a jerky shift . Well that's from punching it in 1st at a dead stop.
Always use launch control ! Or.... Take off from a roll while the clutch is engaged.
So he only recommends punching it if the car's clutch is (technically) DISengaged and you are rolling already and in 1st gear (can't downshift).