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Originally Posted by kotik
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The z06 was surprisingly one of the easiest cars to drive on the track from my experience. Your going to love it. And once you figure out the limits the semi vague steering is a non issue on track. There wasn't a soul that had a ride in my z06 that didn't walk away impressed or even flabbergasted.

My first track day in that car was my first time out at Laguna seca in a torrential down pour and I was still able to hit 2:01.
Thanks! That actually put me at ease. Nurburgring is a dangerous race track, a lot of speed and little run off. What traction mode did you use (if any)?
I left it on race mode, and I was still able to get my tail around nearly 70* and drift entire corners. Surprised the crap out of me and I had to recheck if my tc was still on. Can't wait to see what times you'll put down at the ring with the z06!

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