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Evolve Supercharger at 1,000+ miles

I have had the supercharger kit on for over a thousand miles now and it is even more amazing than before. The Evolve customer service has been great and I speak/text with Sal all the time with any questions and I have received a few software updates along the way.

There were times when it didn't feel like it was working properly and would hesitate but that turned out to be my tires and the traction control kicking in - sometimes without the light. Last weekend I swapped out the Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110 tires with Michelin Pilot Super Sports and that solved the problem.

I drove an 6MT ESS 600 kit about a year ago for a few miles and that was my only experience with a S/C M3 so I don't have anything to compare this to but it feels pretty much normal at low RPM and by 4,000 RPM it just starts to take off and keeps on pulling. It is just unbelievable how fast you can get up to triple digit speeds without even trying. Not to start a debate but I don't see how 6MT guys can shift fast enough to deal with all of the power and rapid acceleration.

I have the Evolve X-pipe and UUC/Corsa exhaust and with the windows closed it has a nice growl but nothing too loud. For whatever reason the Bluetooth in the car picks up the engine/exhaust noise a little too well and anyone that I am talking to thinks that I am screaming at high RPM all the time when in reality in the car it isn't loud at all. Open the windows and it is a different story - this thing SCREAMS! It has been hot in NY and today I was driving around with the windows down just to listen. Tunnels (and the lower level of the 59th Street Bridge) sound like an F1 car at Monaco and I even downshift when going under the short underpasses traversing Central Park. I was driving a little convertible on the highway with my friend driving my car in front of me and I couldn't believe how loud it is behind the car.

Are there any downsides? Yes. The mileage is terrible. My mileage was terrible before and now it is worse. There could be a few factors - 1) it is supercharged and just so much fun to open up, 2) I had a loose O2 sensor that could have been affecting things and 3) traffic for me has been worse than usual. Sal sent me a new tune the other day that should improve the mileage but I haven't had it on for long enough to tell. I can have tanks with literally no highway miles - all city with lights and stop-and-go traffic going from NYC to Queens and back. My record low before was about 9.8 MPG but I broke that with one tank that averaged 7.5 MPG last week. It should be noted that if you throw in any highway miles at all the average quickly goes up. I will know fairly soon how the software update does to help.

Other issues - I need to replace my brakes and have been trying to decide the best street pad would be. My brother took the car out and I forgot to tell him not to drive fast in D mode and he was having fun with a Ferrari and got the transmission to overheat but once it cooled down it was fine.

Hopefully soon I can show it people at a NYC/NJ/Long Island meet but the timing of those events has not worked out for me so far because I have 2 little kids (3 and 6 and they LOVE the acceleration) that take up much of my time. I did take a random guy I found in an E92M3 sitting on 48th Street in Maspeth for a ride and he seemed impressed. I found another E92M3 guy right outside of my garage in NYC but he didn't have time to check it out.