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Originally Posted by BikeGeek View Post
Post a price and interior shots. Nice car.
Thanks! I'm taking out the DSLR this weekend for some high-res shots. I'll post Sunday or Monday night. Thanks for the bump!

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Tried PMing you but kept failing. What's the price? You can try PMing me if you are able to.

My box is empty and I'm receiving PMs - give it another whirl, if that doesn't work, what's the best way to reach you?

Originally Posted by Phiberoptik View Post
this is beautiful, i love this color, are you selling to get the 2014 Twin Turbo V6 model?
Thanks for the compliment! To your question - no, no new turbo I6s for me. I had a 335i once, I liked it, and it was fast... but there's nothing as satisfying as the instantaneous response of this bespoke, M-engineered power plant (especially when paired with the M-Performance Exhaust). Factor in the hydraulic steering and just the right amount of tech... and this might be the peak (to me).

If I move on, it won't be to the next M3/4. They'll be great, fast cars, but IMHO, they won't be cars for people who appreciate the type of engineering that M GmbH has historically known for (though... late model cars from Stuttgart seem to capture the spirit).