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Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
Lets not play dumb, you were trying to get my panties all bunched up via the Internet lol. Is350 is my DD, M3 was a weekend toy. Driving a loud sports car is a bit ostentatious when going to hospitals, hence the Lexus. My dad has no interest in sports cars (he bought a 100k Toyota, Lexus LX570 last week if you're curious). I have never even mentioned my father being interested in any car on the forums but whatever. Haters gonna hate. Obviously since you've been following my threads you know I'm picking up my porsche Saturday and I really can't give an honest review until I put at least ~1000 miles on it. Watch for my thread on m3post if you're interested.

Back on topic
Nice SL pics OP!
Whoa chill man! It was seriously an honest mistake. I could've sworn you said before that your dad is a cardiologist (or internist?) or something and the M3 was his.

The only reason I remember is because our lives are analogous in many ways. We're both indian males in our early 20s and both of our dads are doctors. I think you mentioned that you're in medical school now (or you took the MCAT a few years ago or something, so I presume you're in med school now). You mentioned this in one of the local TX/OK threads a couple of years ago IIRC. That's the only reason I remember.

I was genuinely just trying to get a fellow member's appraisal on the cayman S vs M3. That's all. My apologies if I offended you.