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Originally Posted by calscooby View Post
One more question: When you order a car, do you get a VIN number right away?

My credit union has a 1.99% preapproved rate I can lock in if I purchase the car before June 30th, the problem is that I have to provide a purchase order and a VIN number for them to send the check. I think I read on another thread that the VIN isn't provided until a month or so into the process. That would be problematic.
other people should chime in on this...but as far as i know, you don't even get a production number right away. i think this depends on how far into the future your allocation is. anyway, you'll eventually get that number and then from a week until it rolls into production to that day, a vin # should generate.

talk to Francesca on this.....maybe your credit union would be satisfied with a production number, or something that STBMW can provide them with that demonstrates proof of purchase.