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Originally Posted by Hyperjack View Post
both are nice, but i'm partial to Le Mans

6-8 weeks sounds about right for turnaround on the, you're looking at early september. if you have a chance to order and get a car to your specs...take it, IMO. you can get a monthly rate at a rental agency on a 4 cylinder for cheap.

if you want to do a search for what's out there....well, that can be more involved.look to or auto trader , start calling dealers nation wide and building relationships with sales people. they can also tell you what they have coming in or just got in, that won't show up in their websites.

but, what a dealer usually orders i think tends to be conservative. i don't think you'll see nice combos like what you've built so easily.
I'm stoked!

One more question: When you order a car, do you get a VIN number right away?

My credit union has a 1.99% preapproved rate I can lock in if I purchase the car before June 30th, the problem is that I have to provide a purchase order and a VIN number for them to send the check. I think I read on another thread that the VIN isn't provided until a month or so into the process. That would be problematic.