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Originally Posted by robotk View Post
Maybe try the ZHP knob. I bought my car with it installed and I honestly haven't noticed more resistance in 2nd than any other car I've owned. Of course, it always takes time to learn how to finesse any MT - they are all different. Personally, it usually takes me a couple of months to really get an intuitive feel for any new MT - that's part of what makes me love the things.
Originally Posted by swhat View Post
Initially I had issues with 2nd gear when redlining with quick shifting, but after 50k miles (finally broken in), that is no longer an issue. I also have the ZHP knob (maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't)
Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Second gear is the worst gear on this transmission.

If you shift really hard it grinds, and the dealer won't do anything about it ;(
Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
love the analogies.

anyways, couldn't agree with you more. I recommend, as others have, that you should change out the knob. The OEM knob has an awkward height, weight, and (for me) structure, where I can't perform the best direct shift everytime.

I swapped mine to the smaller F30 M Performance knob.
Others have swapped to the weighted F10 M5 knob. Both options shorten the throw and provides a counterbalanced weight to help make the shift. The F30 knob gets rid of the "goose neck girth" if you're bothered by the size of the OEM knob, which is still present with the F10 M5 knob.

Also, what RPM are you shifting into 2nd btw? You should try the shift to 2nd higher than 3k. Just saying, you shouldn't be slipping the clutch in 2nd that much, and almost so slip to 3rd. If you are, you're shifting way too low on the revs.
Thanks for the input guys,

I'll definitely try getting a new knob (that F30 performance one is )

I'm also taking my car to the dealer (for a DSC/DBC error issue - a sensor needs to be replaced), so I'll have the shop foreman take my car for a spin and see what he says.

I think it's my 2nd gear syncros that need adjustment/to be replaced and hope they can fix it because I don't want to shift into second one time to hear my transmission go "boom"
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