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Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post
Finally going to try this, just put 3 coats on (more like 4 with my generous lacquering). Was a breeze to apply, I will never go back to painter's tape if this works flawlessly. Did a test on the door over the weekend and even two coats peels off very readily.

Questions for you:

*When taking it off do you peel what you can off then pressure wash the rest OR do you just use a pressure washer to sheer it off?

*When you say you kept it on for 4 track events, do you mean you left it on the car for about a week's time? If so, is it ok to leave it on that long? I have a couple back to back events myself and would love to leave it on for about 7 days straight.

Removal wouldn't really matter that much. Up to the end user. I am pretty anal so what I did was I peeled it off myself like a band-aid lol. Start at a corner and gently pull. Just like when you unbox new electronics with the clear plastic all over them

When I did that, I noticed the few areas where it left very small specs at the edges or areas I messed up. I then made sure to hit those later with the pressure washer. I have all my cars paint corrected so I am very careful about using mits or rubbing the paint. Was neat peeling it off in one sheet. Could see all the bugs and tar.

I left it on for 4 track events. I had one Friday and Sat, and then about 2 weeks later another Friday and Sat event. I dont drive the car during the week so I left it on. Didnt hurt a bit. Now, the car was garaged the entire time and not exposed to sun. The stuff is latex and water based, but I dont know about the long sun exposure.

You are definitely right. Never use blue painters tape again. Best of all the entire reason I got this stuff was because I did track days and I wanted to have photos of me on the track in my cars so I could frame them for the office. The blue tape numbers and bumper looked hideous. Not only does this stuff go on for the most part clear or slightly matte finish, it removes easy and takes almost no time to apply.
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