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Did BMW screw-up by offering the 335i?

First off, I do NOT mean to offend anyone or start a flame war by this question. I also do not mean to come off as ignorant if anything I say is incorrect, im just going off of what I have seen personally on here and on the road. I also apologize as I realize this has been talked about before, I just couldn't find a recent thread and wanted to see current opinions on this.

I've wondered with my friends and other enthusiasts about the contrast between the 335i and M3. I will never argue the 335i is the better driver's car against the M3. However, do any of you think perhaps BMW screwed up by offering a Turbo'd I6 with the top of the line 3 series, and putting in a V8 for the M3? Personally, I have heard of so many people opting for the 335i even if the M3 was in their budget within this generation. This seems like the first 3 series that has ever done that, I can't imagine anyone choosing the 330ci ZHP over an e46 m3, or an e30 325i over an e30 M3. The 335i is more easily tunable, and it seems like a $500-$700 investment will allow the 335i to overtake the M3 in strict terms of acceleration and speed. Granted it's still going to lack in terms of handling, but it seems with a fair investment you can fix that as well. Why is it then that BMW would offer a little brother that can be somewhat cheaply modified to overtake its brother, they must be smart enough to see that.

I personally don't think it'll be until the F82 M3 that anybody will have a reason to buy a 335i if budget isn't a large concern but performance is. It almost reminds of the debate on why Porsche released the Cayman, an arguably better car than the 911 at a cheaper price point. It seems silly to allow their premier car to have its sales cannibalized in some form.

When I say these things I have the e90 and e92 in mind. When I think about the convertibles, e93, then I really don't understand why someone would buy the M3. The whole advantage of the M3 is it's track ready features and handling, but the e93 by nature is a cruiser and sometimes can't even be raced on the track. I could have upped my budget a bit and ordered an e93 M3 instead of the 335is, but for everything the convertible does, the n54 seemed like the better motor. The torque is just so intense and for a car that is designated for the streets, it seems much more useful to have.

What do you guys think?
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