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Originally Posted by te37 View Post
That "plasma coating" is phosphor. Those are the leds that give off the pure white light. The clear leds give off a blue light, so depending on how bright each led group is, that is what is going to give you your K color. It seems like Lux would benefit from using some type of diffuser to mix the colors better and not have sharp blue at certain points of the ring.

Anyway, nice review.
I have V4's running at 5200k and i find the blue spots both noticeable and quite annoying. I was actually wondering if i could make a diffuser to fix this and maybe even direct a little less light to the inner ring to even it up.

Is a diffuser something that Lux could produce to fix this up? I would gladly buy more sets for the families other cars if this is the case. Otherwise may swap to V3's.

BTW thank you to Lux for making a very high quality product, the second you pick it up you can tell it is well mad. Service was excellent and they installed and ran perfectly. I dont even get any flickering

I'm hoping a fix for this issue can be found quickly....