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Originally Posted by EmPower View Post
So I have to ask; why this and not the R8 V8? Isn't it in the same price bracket? Don't get me wrong; I understand the appeal of the SL, it has historically been the benz to have, but the R8 looks,feels, drives circles around this thing
I mean, that's how I also feel personally (see my first post in this topic) but ultimately it's his dad's decision.

My friend's dad is a neurosurgeon who also purchased a new SL550 just last year. Could've easily bought the R8 as well, but that's not what he wanted. I mean I've never specifically asked him why he chose the SL550 over similarly priced cars, but clearly there's a market for it.

The R8 is a step more towards "exotic" in my eyes which is why for me it'd be a no brainer, but many people do prefer the more modest SL550.

Although when I say "modest," I mean the SL550 is more modest in terms of appearance alone. In terms of price or prestige (which really is just a function of price, assuming you pay cash for a car) the SL550 is very comparable to the V8 R8.

The v8 R8 also benefits from sharing a similar appearance to the more expensive V10 R8 which probably enhances its prestige factor for some. The v8 R8 looks like a $150k-$200k supercar at a $110k-$120k price, while the SL550's appearance is more commensurate with its actual cost. The SL550 looks like a $110k-$120k car.