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Originally Posted by Hyperjack View Post
congrats...glad you were able to secure an allocation. there are some fox red/black/blacks on it's not as rare as you think.
as for when you think your car would go into production...that you should ask Francesca. if they gave you an allocation, then they have a rough production date.
I haven't secured the deal yet I am still trying to figure out the exact specifics on production date. I think Francesca mentioned they have late July production dates currently. So I'm guessing that means it's 6-8 weeks after production starts? Is that correct?

The big issue is that I need a car to drive starting August 3rd

I guess I could do a month rental, but then that starts getting expensive and tough. Is there a way to search for current availability throughout the US on available BMW M3's that fit most of my specifications? Then maybe I could just get one off the lot?

I'll decide within a couple days and then just go with it if that allocation is still left

Thanks for the reply Hyper! What are your thoughts on the Le Mans Blue versus Interlagos?