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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Get out of here you don't even have an M3 loser how could you know anything, stop telling people to use E85 and blow up their $15k engines it's not like we have punkass 6-cylinders in our M3's (said some hater, somewhere ) There is obviously a ton of headroom in the N54 injectors, DI is pretty cool stuff. I'd read somewhere the lpfp in the 335's has to supply pretty consistent incoming pressure to the HPFP or it'll poo itself, is that true?

Definitely a cool idea (get it!?) I'm going to do some logging of my own and see what the results look like. Unfortunately there is no corn pump convenient on my commute, maybe it is a big enough benefit to overcome my laziness. Forgot how much this car pulls the plug in the midrange in hot weather, and power is always welcome, especially when I'm not willing to start eliminating cats
With reguards to anyone running e30 to e50 blend reduces the gasoline smells when only the primary cats are deleted (personal experience)

The lpfp has to supply at least 50lbs of pressure to keep the hpfp happy and 70lbs to be "healthy", but the hpfp is pretty adept to compensating for short term pressure drops, but I'm sure at the risk of reliability. Some are experimenting with inline booster pumps as an inexpensive band-aid