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Originally Posted by e92driva View Post
If you have an iPhone 5, I don't think there's a jailbreak released just yet. The guys who run the whole jail breaking scene are waiting until iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S release to start working on a jailbreak. If you have a 4S, 4, etc.. You should be able to jailbreak no problem.. Just do a search on google and there will be guides on how to do it. It's extremely simple like point and click haha. I think the program is called evasi0n or something. One tip.. Don't fall for the stupid links online that are just trying to get you to download a virus
I have the 4s... I was due for an upgrade months ago... Maybe I should jail break this one and wait to get the 5 until there is a jailbird for it.

Is there a 5s coming out? I dont want to get the 5 and then a 5s come out a month later.