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Totally confused...why doesn't the MSRP increase when adding perf. accessories?

So here is where I am confused and maybe some of you can help me out. I just ordered (meaning last week) an E92 M3. As part of my build, I added the following performance accessories: 1) all of the carbon fiber exterior mods; 2) cf interior trim; 3) performance exhaust; 4) performance steering wheel; and 5) black kidney grills.

Without the BMW OE performance accessories, my price for the build was about $65k and change, compared to about $70.5k for the MSRP. However, after adding the performance mods -- which I got for cost -- my price for the build went up around $6500 . But in the calculation of my lease payments, the MSRP didn't reflect the retail pricing/value of the performance accessories (about $8800), which would have brought the MSRP up to $79.3k.

I'm confused on why for purposes of calculating my lease payments, the MSRP doesnt reflect the retail pricing for all of the "performance accessories"? wouldn't go up in tandem with my invoice pricing. Is it because BMW doesn't view the addition of these "accesories" as adding value to the car? Any input from experienced members would be greatly appreciated.

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