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Originally Posted by yoelev View Post
these numbers prove how much faster the 3.62 is. and in terms of shifting, um. we're talking about milliseconds.
i guess it depends on what you are looking at. You should be looking at the lowest numbers for each run, because nobody is going to do a 60-130 run and start in 6th gear. In that case you would expect the 3.62 gears to be just about 15% faster, and it is.

1/4 mile 3.62 is 1/10th faster, 60-120 3.15 is 2/10ths faster, 60-130 3.62 is .5/10th's faster. Overall it's really close.

It's not the time of the shift that is important, it's that with the 3.62 gears you are shifting into the next gear 15% sooner, during that time the car with the stock gears is putting more torque to the ground because it is still in the lower gear.

I'm not saying it isn't a good mod, obviously the improved feeling of torque is a big plus. I just wouldn't expect any actual increase in performance.