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Originally Posted by David@ApexRaceParts View Post
The EC-7 was engineered to be a little stronger in the center than the ARC-8 while the rims on both are of equal strength. More material was added to the spokes of the EC-7 to enhance its strength and durability. The additional material adds a little more weight but doesn’t sacrifice performance as the added weight is towards the center of the wheel, which does not significantly impact rotational weight.

We have had customers use 275/35/18 Hankook RS3s with the 18x10" ET25 EC-7's only rub on the fender liner at full lock or hard turning. The rubbing is very minimal and can be alleviated with added negative camber.

Sounds like a phenomenal car, we would love to see photos of it!
Ok thanks for the info. So would you recommend the 18 x 9.5 front with 265/35 RS3's for no rubbing?