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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
There is not much a diff does when considering any sort of performance across multiple gears. Remember, a final drive change does not give you more power and power gains equate to performance gains. This topic has been extensively debated here on the forum. The essence of the "no such thing as a free lunch" principle with such a mod is that yes, you get more torque to the rear wheels, however, you get less time in each gear. Google around for the various discussions. In my opinion the benefits are not at all worth the price.
Not trying to argue, I really appreciate any comments against the mod. Just trying to understand it better.

I can see how what you say is true when you're going after 0-60/quarter mile numbers or seeking more power on the dyno sheet. Not gaining anything there really, just sacrificing top speed and shifting more often/sooner. I rarely have my M3 above 90mph, and when I do an occasional HPDE, I rarely exceed 140mph.

My ultimate goal is to improve seat-of-the-pants roll-on feel when you're in 3000-5000 rpm range driving around town. 14.9% more torque sounds like it should help.
2009 E92 M3 Melbourne Red 6MT
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