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Bitter much?

Originally Posted by herbz View Post
no. steering feel is not "subjective" by any means. steering feel has nothing to do with magazine editors' "opinions". its a fact, much like 1/4 mile times, brake distances, and road grip. steering feel is the reason the M3 (and all BMW's for that matter) have dominated the luxury sport segment. and it's also the reason why infiniti and lexus and MB have all had to play second fiddle to BMW for years.

go drive an e30 and even an e46 feels numb. in turn, an e90 feels numb compared to an e46. the new m3 is no longer a dedicated track machine believe it or not. you have to configure the computer and memorize all these buttons to be able to get the best performance out of it. whereas any old M3 had none of these crazy electronic settings and drove great right out of the box. the same way for everyone.

screw these huge ass V8s and V10's. the N54 is amazing and even better would be a turbocharged inline 4 that weighs 2000lbs, much like the 2002ti. or maybe even a hatchback 135i. oh wait, they don't want to make either of those because all Americans want are 8000lb 500hp pigs loaded with useless technology and chinky headlights to show off to their faggy yuppie friends. thanks, you can have your crap, i'll stick with my balls to the walls e30 without A/C.

the 3 series has grown in every year and this is no exception. however, this time, it seems that this car has crossed the line with the wheelbase and weight. its no longer marketed to the sport enthusiast. the god damn car is HUGE. who needs a V8? the old engine was basically perfect. like the article said, now the M3 is just another refined GT. the e30, e36, and e46 m3's will go down in history as the best M3's ever built. current demand for technology has diluted the brand, sorry to say.

and PS the only thing really subjective about cars is looks / interior.
Until you can point to a test method that ranks steering feel with a numerical value I'd tend to disagree on feel being subjective. What is the number?

I am not so sure why you are so opposed to customization. What is fundamentally wrong about a car that can be stiffened up for track days and put in "GT" mode for dealing with expansion joint and pothole ridden freeways and local roads. I think you can do this to some extent with adjustable coil overs. Maybe you are just a glutton for punishment. I prefer the instant gratification (single button push) over the hours of jacking and wrenching myself. Seems like an absolute winner to me and quite difficult to argue against.

The M3 never has been and never will be a dedicated track machine as you like to call it. I think one of the few production cars that fits this description literally is a Lotus Elise/Exige. Other than that all sports and sporty cars are simply street cars that have varying degrees of track worthiness. That being said you can certainly say that a particular car is more GT and less track and it is clear that it the way the M3 is going. If you hate it, feel free to stick with whatever version of the M3 you like. They all have +s and -s. All that being said the new car is likely to own the lap time of an E30 around all but the absolute tightest of tracks. Well that is only if you call a substantial win in time, distance and speed "owning".

Hmmm what else... A 4 liter V8 that is shorter and lighter than the outgoing I6 isn't exactly a "huge ass" V8 is it? Perhaps the 6-7 liter Vette and AMG motors qualify as such, but they too are awfully light weight as well.

I think you claiming that the new M3 is not marketed to the sports enthusiast is incorrect. Perhaps we disagree on what that term means. If you mean a person who wants to race on a shoe string budget then no the new M3 is not really for them. A used E30 M3 would be perfect. However, that being said, the new E30 M3 back in its heyday was not exactly cheap either was it?

The old E46 M3 engine was hardly perfect. It was totally maxed out on bore size and bore spacing and its piston speeds were down right scary. Not exactly the kind of speeds that promote long engine life and reliability.

Last but not least, I find your "faggie" term offensive and discriminatory. I do not think it has any place on this board.