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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I find that some are overly sensitive about having someone on their ass. Racing is an individual sport...DE's are a team activity.

If you're going through passing zones with someone on your butt...I'd take a hard look at yourself. You can't change what the guy behind you is doing but I'm sure YOU (not pointed at anyone here) can change something. Mirror taps? I believe that is BMWCCA standard's in their 2011 instructor manual.

Typically I will close the gap and present myself in the side view mirror and then back off. No point in crowding the guy if we're not in a passing zone. Then I'll close the gap again as we approach the next one. I'm usually in a pass anywhere with a point scenario. Very few instances where I get slowed significantly...because we all play together. There are some out there that make you earn that pass. But if there is someone behind you that wasn't there before...they ARE faster than you.
I said nothing about not pointing by on passing zones. My comments were about drivers staying on other drivers asses when there are no obvious passing zones. Usually those are the drivers getting the heated feedback in the paddock. I drive on a few fairly short tracks where even though technically there are many passing zones in advanced, unless you are really a lot slower than the other driver, many of them aren't practical. Yes, I've been behind those no-point-byes myself, but they rarely make it to advanced, which is what you referred to.

What you described at the end is indeed great protocol, and in fact, I always try to give a rear view mirror wave to let the faster driver behind know I see them, and that they'll get a point-by at the next zone. In fact, I've been described by some past instructors as giving point-bys too quickly. My sensitivity to this topic comes from feeling way too close to being collected by the person behind me, due to not allowing enough space into passing zones. HPDEs are not racing, and it's not worth the risk of an accident just to let the guy in front know how impatient you are.

Also, one final thought. While it may be true in racing, the whole "I've caught up so I must be faster" is not so true in HPDEs. I know I've been in situations where I trade passes with another driver where you cook a corner and the other guy gains (and passes), then he does the same. If the guy came out of nowhere, he gets a point asap, if he's been around me for awhile, he might need to earn it a little.
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