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Originally Posted by AndreyT
Originally Posted by Mss396 View Post
You have to remember that AndreyT is a product of the old USSR and was probably brain washed by the KGB...
In the Free World this alleged "KGB brainwashing" is actually called education. Education is the ultimate enemy of indoctrination, which is why indoctrinating regimes are afraid of education so much. And this is why the standard indoctrination package uploaded into the head of the typical victim contains defensive elements deliberately designed to reject all forms of education, as we can easily observe on the examples so abundant in this very thread. Branding it as "KGB brainwashing" is the simplest form of anti-educational reaction.

You might have read about a more complicated form of it a few years ago, when several scientists (Asian, if I remember correctly) published a rather brilliant research they performed on people living under indoctrinating regimes. According to that research, attempts to confront an indoctrinated individual with facts that contradict his/her invalid beliefs most of the time only serves to reinforce his/her beliefs. The paper had such a worldwide resonance that it was even all over the news in USA for a few days. I'm sure many of you might remember it, if only because it was widely discussed in various "off-topic" and "political" forums around the Net. It was revealed later that they researched US society specifically, but they politely decided not brandish that fact in the paper. (Otherwise, of course, we'd never hear about it in the US media.) This is another example of how the anti-educational conditioning works.

The victims are indeed trained to know nothing, yet to be extremely confident in their ignorance. Scientists recognize the concept of "confident ignorance" as a fundamental defining property of the society formed under the US propaganda dome. This is, BTW, what John Kerry once referred as "know-nothingism" - something I'm sure you all remember.
Sounds as if you have diagnosed your own problem, now you only have to accept the fact;-)