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Question Plastidip vs. Vinyl: Someone Settle This Debate

One is a wrap, the other is a liquid that forms into a wrap. One is much more inexpensive to the other.

I've heard all the @#$% like "Why would you plastidip an $80K car" or "Plastdip is so cheap and meant for Honda Civics" and "Vinyl Wrapping is the only way to go for high-end cars" and such.

Also, I have seen members who have used Plastidip on their cars, wheels, etc. and they seem to hold up just fine, and due to the liquid application, can cover surfaces with much less difficulty compared to Vinyl.

So, I really want to settle this, not just for me, but for the community. Why is Vinyl "so much better" than Plastidip and for what reasons? Why do you guys believe Plastidip is so cheap.

Here is a vid showing someone's Audi R8 V10 being plastidipped in Matte Grey, and thats a $150K+ car.

I'm not saying I'm a loyal Plastidip fan, I just want people's input. Post away my friends (no fights please though)
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