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For all the guys suggesting the C3, I assume that's with the XPS battery? Is there another LiON battery? The Sears website is a pain, I'll just head to the store and scope out my options.

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Slight thread jack, but maybe someone can answer this. I've asked this a few times on this forum with no response--what are race teams doing during wheel changes to get the wheels properly torqued down using an impact gun the whole time, with no torque wrench? Do they use torque sticks on the guns that vaguely approximate 90 lb-ft? Also, I've noticed that they often don't follow the commonly accepted star-pattern for tightening--they just go around in a circle sequentially. I've also noticed that they zip off the existing lug nuts, toss them to the side, slap on the new wheel and immediately start again with the impact gun. You don't see them place the new nuts on--are they already semi-adhered to the new wheel for quick application?

This has been driving me nuts!

Get it? Nuts...

Sorry for the sidetrack.
Impact wrenches can be calibrated to run down to a certain torque, they just aren't practical for us normal folks ($-wise). The race teams I would imagine are using calibrated guns.

The same approach is used for engine building. There was a NatGeo show about them building the Z06 and they showed these calibrated air-powered torque wrenches they use. Very cool.