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I always thinks it's hilarious whenever I see these posts where everybody's tearing Toyota and Lexus to shreads and ragging on their cars and designs. Obviously somebody likes their cars. You don't get to be the number one auto maker in the world unless somebody is buying your cars!

BMW makes fantastic cars, but let's face it, so does Lexus/Toyota. But they're different cars marketed differently to different people. The Toyota brand is a broad line of cars marketed more to average buyers (not the folks on the E90 boards). Lexus and BMW have an overlapping market because they are both marketed to upscale affluent buyers.

Here's the key difference: BMW is known for performance and handling, while Lexus is known more for luxury and reliability. Does Lexus want some of the BMW marketshare? You bet they do, and that's why you see more emphasis on performance in some of their new products like the IS350 and the LS460. Will they steal some buyers from BMW? Yes, they will, but probably not enough to do any real harm to BMW. If BMW keeps cranking out the real cutting edge performance cars they'll keep attracting buyers like you and me. So come on people. Let's lighten up on Lexus and Toyota and enjoy our Bimmers.