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Originally Posted by SECOND2NONE View Post
But you have to realize you are talking about an engine that is not high reving... So you cant really compare the 2.. The whole point is a high reving (8k) turbo v8.. The main point is to bring the torque which the e92 is lacking. Even if the harrop supercharger brings the torque up. Ill be happy with that.
Like everyone else here I own the car and understand its weaknesses as well as the joys that come from the unique character of a higher rpm V8 engine. I also understand that the improved torque down low is going to be a major attraction for any TT kit.

And yes, the engines are quite different in their layout and design philosophy but that isn't what I was referring to insofar as comparing. I'm talking about making a reasoned guess as to what kind of power levels may be possible in a kit sold to the general public in the real world. A different thing than something someone keeps together long enough to make an airstrip run before it explodes. While the number for the latter may very well be 1000 or more hp the number for the former will be much lower.

This is what I mean about realistic. The numbers that are produced in every single kit for Corvette is far below what TTs could produce and do produce in the cars that people build for airport runs and such. Few of the latter however are done because of the expense and because there is no way to hold the car together at the glory numbers for long out in the day to day.

I'm not certain if the big numbers were mentioned in reference to what may be possible or actual hopes of it being available in a kit that these folks are going to sell. This is what I meant about not raining on parades. I find the big numbers as cool as the next guy and I'm interested in them myself.
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