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Originally Posted by SECOND2NONE View Post
But you have to realize you are talking about an engine that is not high reving... So you cant really compare the 2.. The whole point is a high reving (8k) turbo v8.. The main point is to bring the torque which the e92 is lacking. Even if the harrop supercharger brings the torque up. Ill be happy with that.
The factory tq numbers are acceptable with the E9X M3. Being a V8 I would expect more but it is what it is.

If you want to talk about lacking numbers in reality look at the Honda S2000 and Honda NSX. Both very weak and always have been in the high revving 4 banger and 6. I am a former owner of multiple ones. Without a doubt in stock fashion they are lacking, not so much here.

We saw dynoed S2000s with 195 hp and 131 ft pounds of torque in a 2900 pound car. Closer to 3000 pounds with a hardtop and bodykit which so many kids run these days. The NSX we saw pre 1997 - 220-240hp 170-190 ft/lbs
post 1997 - 240-260hp 180-200 ft/lbs.

I still am a fan of both but just saying.