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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
This is an old thread and my car has gone through quite a few updates since then. I still have my cantrell kit on, but the ducts are being mostly blocked by my GTS splitter. I can say with strong confidence that the ducting works because I was able to brake hard all day long with my bbk + ducting (and I'm brutal on my brakes). When I had the gts splitter put on I started to get a little bit of brake fade (although nothing too serious) because the ducting was blocked. I have to manage the heat in my brakes just a bit more now.
Thanks for the info. I will follow the DIY thread on the self fab/install brake duct.

I will have the same issue you have now as I have the Challenge GTS front lip (without the brake duct holes). My way around this is creating vents that are angled and hang slightly lower than the under carriage profile.