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Originally Posted by TrevorM3 View Post
sick color. I need to take a ride in a z06 one day. Never heard anything less than the word monster to describe it.
Thanks! Yea, i was looking for this specific color. My last 3 cars were black, so i swore off black, too hard to keep clean. With z06's you have ton of blacks, reds and yellows and silvers. Yellow and red (I noticed) fetch least $, i could have gotten some really good deals if i could live with those colors. Silver, is just a little plain... i'm not flashy person, i like subtle and tasteful, but silver just didn't do it for me on this car. Yes, blue is flashy, but i think it fits the car really well! I noticed that for the year, this color fetches the most $$ and is easist to sell. In perfect world i'd get white, but u can't find that (newer years only).

Monster compared to stock m3, yes! Even compared to supercharged m3. M3 was still civil under full throttle, and tamed at low rpm. Z06 is just pulling in low rpm like a train, but ones you wind it up, he is just a monster that you need to be able to handle. I can't wait to get on the track.