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Originally Posted by Judge View Post
I'm 8 hours it but only about 30% complete. I'm taking my time because I love the story and the graphics are the most impressive I've seen to date - with minor hiccups noticeable on my 60-inch. I slow down every time Ellie starts talking so I can watch how the characters interact. I also love the combat system and how stealth kills are more advantageous than shootouts. I really hope this is the future of survival gaming in the next generation.
+1. Exactly how I feel. Wanna take my time with this bad boy and appreciate the hell out of it. Im playing it off my 100inch projector and set it with the highest brightness. It's like watching a really long but satisfying movie while being the main role. I just got to the winter hunting part and so far so good. The Last of Us will definitely be a solid benchmark for future games. Everything will be compared to this.