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Originally Posted by s65e90
I had an s2k in 04. This is an M3, it really is on another level than an s2k.

>>> If Home Depot runs are a big + be advised that fold down seats on the e90 ARE AN OPTION!!! both my e90 m3 have NOT had fold down seats and it sucks
I had an s2k in '99. Ap1 9k rpm and no nannies. Great car.

Very similar in terms of high revving and power delivery, but just more. Also can be quite tame and easy to drive around when just city driving. Gearbox is actually easy and pretty good (but not as good as nsx/s2k).

I think you will be grinning ear to ear on another level when revving the v8 to redline. Do it.

S2k is probably the best car for the money.
The m3 is probably the best car for double the money.