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Magic Johnson said you can't say Lebron is not clutch ever again. That's what he said last year and everyone is still calling him Lebrick, Lechoke.

I don't get why Tony Parker wasn't in the game down the stretch. He let Manu control the ball and he turned it over twice in the last 1 minute. Unbelievable. But Duncan's hook shot with Battier on him will haunt him forever. IMO, the Spurs are done. They will still be a playoff team but I highly doubt they will be in the Finals. Next year, OKC will storm back with a healthy Westbrook and Durant.

The Heat has a lot of work to do this off season. Bosh just can't guard a center. He just can't guard a center and be good offensively at the same time. Hibbert and Duncan just killed the Heat down low. Heat needs a true center with size and put Bosh back at PF. Wade needs to get a surgery, whatever he needs to get his knees healthy.