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New NA Mods, Money well spend


First, I would like to thank Robert Tan and the EAS team for providing great council and doing good work. I have spent a bunch of time considering NA mods vs. FI mods. After spending a bunch of time going over all of the modification options and costs, I chose to go with NA mods from EAS. They installed the following on my 2011 E90 manual:

Macht Schnell - Performance Underdrive Pulley
Macht-Schnell Race pipes
Macht-Schnell Stage 2 intake

I know many have said this about their modifications, but this is how the car should have been from the beginning.

Start-up is very smooth and not as rough as stock
First Gear better pull, but still kind of weak to me still
Second Gear this is where the car comes alive, it is very strong and it really shows what the car can do.
Third Gear very strong with better torque and you can really get the full 8600 RPM
Fourth Gear the car continues to pull until up to the full 8600 RPM
Fifth Gear The top end start to get weaker about 7500 rpm
Sixth Gear feels like first, slower acceleration
Noise It is louder, I like it, but people on the Bluetooth speaker will ask what that noise its