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Originally Posted by surlynkid
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just looked them up on turner. $500 for front ducts $90 for hoses. Still not backing plate though. Cantrell seem pretty good for the money. I think I may need to get one of these kits.

I saw a thread on here where his stock e90 had the brake ducts already below the front cover. Mine seems like its just cardboard with some fur on it.
don't bother with the carbon fiber front ducts for $500. get the apex ones for $200/pair. The GT4 backing plates are not easily available. Only the GT4 dealers in the US can get them. They are over $600 each. The matching hose is 70mm which is Euro purchase only. I got my hoses from a dealership in Belgium. It is 2.75" which i could not find domestically.

the backing plates force air through the rotor vanes. there are tight clearances to assure the air exit the vanes. just plumbing air into the wheelwell seems like a complete waste to me.
Which backing plates do you use?