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For some folks, the S2000 is a "Miata done right." It's got more HP to be even more fun; however, you're still stuck with the tiny interior. Me, with the same dimensions/measurements as the engineers who engineered the thing--I fit perfectly in the cabin. It's just anytime I stick *any* American into the passenger seat is when the novelty of the vehicle is over pretty darn quick. Radio door--yes. Mine's always closed for that reason. However, as basic as the car is (I mean, a fixed steering wheel like an E36; only 4-ways of adjustment in the seats!), the interior quality is great. Tight seam gaps, solid trim--it's good.

Apexking--3x budget; architect driving M3: hmmm... maybe we know why he's got an M3 as his "work" vehicle now, eh?

Leaning towards the idea of M3 & sell S2000. Buddy wisely (for him) decided to keep his M3, so now the search is on for the right M3.