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Talking My new M3 delivery!! Collected her Friday night.

Well - its here at last . Collected my car on Friday evening. The picture attached was taken late Friday as the light started to go. So, here are my first impressions:-

Likeys -
- Gearchange is shorter throw and less clunky than my E46
- Car is smoother, more refined on long drives
- Nice V8 rumble above 3k revs, but could(should?) be louder ..
- iDrive is a scoosh to use, very neat and intuitive to me, at least
- M-Drive set up for my preferences and to my key
- Steering wheel is thicker, but feels great.
- Seating position is fine, certainly not too high, although I have mine at the lowest setting.
-Looks spectacular, yet understated too, if that makes any sense?!?
- Brakes feel very strong.
- Good steering feel (off centre) in corners on sport setting.
- Clutch/gearchange no longer require Conan the Barbarian to be effective.
- Chilled storage compartment on transmission tunnel.

No likeys -
- Less storage cubby holes
- Seat belt handler seem a little flimsy - time will tell ...
- Steering is a little vague just off centre, even on sport setting
- Fuel consumption so far (cruising) is 23.5 mpg - not good! Hope it'll imrpove with miles.
- Big square rear-view mirror - yuk!

More feedback once I get some more (non-commuting) miles under the wheels...

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