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Originally Posted by Sapper_M3 View Post
Great thread, and a big thanks to coogs08 for his video. Changing the oil was a very simple operation, but it always helps watching someone else do it first! (I really saved myself some trouble hearing the tips about putting towels down around the oil filter housing.)

Also, just to throw my personal experience out there: I pulled the drain bolts with the engine warm (had been driving it about 30 minutes prior), and then allowed it to drain for approximately 2 hours (it had still been dripping a little until about this mark). My front end was up on jack stands, and my rear was lifted slightly higher on jack stands as well.

I filled (after a number of iterations of filling) a full 8.8 liters of 10W60 before my car's digital display read 1/2 way between MIN and MAX. After another 600 miles of driving, I have experienced no change, so I believe this to be fairly accurate.

but in the future there's no need to wait 2 hrs. It's always gonna drip, but by changing it warm you thin the oil and get it all out.