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Originally Posted by Tim B. View Post
Glad to hear it shouldn't be as loud as Shady is describing, as I just got mine in from Turner today......subframe & differential bushings. Hopefully my dealer will install them tomorrow. Malek, should the dealer have the tools for this? My tech there acted like he didn't know if they had the tools(to remove/install bushings for an M3) for this right off hand.....I thought that was a bit odd And how long should he take to do both sets of bushings do you think? Thanks.
It took my shop 3 hours to do the diff bushings and he didn't have the tool. He used a "disposable" tool clamped on the end of the bushing and tapped/hammered the old one out.

If you are doing the subframe bushings at the same time he can drop the subframe and do the diff bushings out of the car I believe and the total job in and out would take probably 7-8 hours.

My shop did not use/make a jig to replace subframe or have the tool to remove the stock subframe bushing (used a drill/air hammer).

Malek has said that you must use a jig or frame machine to ensure that the subframe goes back in straight. He said there is enough play to put it together "off" center. I didn't do it this way and wonder if I have any issues.

My shop did say that it probably wasn't necessary since when putting the subframe back in place if you don't put it in straight the pins would push the bushings back out.

However, with that said, I tend to trust Malek more since he has more experience working on the car. I don't know if I have any ill effects from the install but the car seems to track and drive straight. I wonder if Malek could comment if I have anything to worry about due to the way it was installed. Thanks.