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Originally Posted by Malek@MRF View Post
Your car might be one of the cars that needs the special differential fluid from BMW. Some differentials are very noisy, and there is a different fluid that has a friction modifier to reduce the noise. If you used that Redline oil for your differential, that is probably another cause of noise, and now with the more solid bushings you are hearing it more.

Switch your differential fluid to the friction modified fluid and give that a go. The car should not be as noisy as you are describing it.
Glad to hear it shouldn't be as loud as Shady is describing, as I just got mine in from Turner today......subframe & differential bushings. Hopefully my dealer will install them tomorrow. Malek, should the dealer have the tools for this? My tech there acted like he didn't know if they had the tools(to remove/install bushings for an M3) for this right off hand.....I thought that was a bit odd And how long should he take to do both sets of bushings do you think? Thanks.