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Originally Posted by djseto View Post
Any updates on this from anyone?

I had the same issue yesterday. I was driving and poof, my bass was gone like a fart in the wind. When I got home, I shut off the car and restarted it. Same problem. I came back about 20 min later, started the car, and the bass was back. I've got an appointment with my dealer next week but if I can't replicate this, I know it's gonna be hell trying to convince my dealer to fix this. I'm out of factory warranty but the extended warranty I bought does cover the factory stereo/NAV...but if I can't show them the problem...I think this is going to turn into a huge pain in the ass.
I have the same problem. Bass will go away and sometimes come back after a while. I created a thread about it before and no one responded. The dealer couldn't reproduce the problem and told me everything is fine.
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